About Us


“Your MoM’s Burger & Shake Joint”
With Burger & Shake Shops being the trend right now, “Your MoM’s Burger & Shake Joint”
Isn’t going to be one that will blend in or hide behind those corporate chains. “Your MoM’s Burger & Shake Joint” will stand alone as one of the most unique “Joints” you’ve ever eaten.
We are bringing back the “OLD SCHOOL” style of luncheonettes. Growing up we all ate at those little counters that were in the back corners of “Woolworths
, “John Wanamaker’s” or “Two Guys”. The food was made fast and fresh but more importantly handmade!!
“Your MoM’s Burger & Shake Joint” is bringing all of your memories of the luncheonettes, burger & shake joints to Quakertown with a scratch kitchen. We will be serving up all of the usual menu items but done with a unique twist.  Fresh handmade burgers and shakes along with homemade hand dipped ice-cream with fresh fruits & other toppings that will leave you scratching your head in disbelief making you want to try the weirdest of weird ingredients such as potato chips, popcorn, and cereal just to name a few.   Not only will the food be fun and exciting so will your entire experience. We are decorating the walls with pictures of everyone’s “Mom’s”, old street rods, pin-up’s and anything punk rock or rockabilly! We will also be cranking up some rock-n-roll on the best stereo system you will have ever heard in a restaurant!!!